Edmonton, December 2015


Film Gallery at bottom of page.

Current Experience
I work as a freelance videographer, photographer, and creative consultant. Since 2010, I have also created more than 25 short films which were selected to screen in film festivals and competitions. Most recently, I received a grant from TELUS STORYHIVE during the 2016 Web Series competition and completed the Pilot episode of my web series ‘MAGIC CRAFT’. I was also awarded 1st place in the 2015/2016 Metro Shorts Film season.

ON-SET Experience: director, 1st assistant director, producer, camera operator, production coordinator, data transfer technician, production assistant, actor and behind-the-scenes photographer.
PRODUCTION OFFICE Experience: creative/script writer, editor, project researcher, scheduling, cast/crew organization, storyboard artist, locations manager, rental manager, grant application writer.

Videography Background
I found a Mini DV camcorder in my Mom’s basement in 1997 and my passion for filmmaking was discovered. After years of in-camera editing, I took my hobby to the next level and invested in a DSLR camera, microphone, lights, and proper editing software. Since then, I’ve gone on to work professionally with numerous production companies and individuals in the Edmonton film community. I enjoy being involved in local projects to assist with any aspect of the production.

I received a $10,000 grant from TELUS STORYHIVE through the 2016 Web Series Competition to complete the Pilot episode of my web series MAGIC CRAFT. The Pilot episode is now available for viewing on TELUS Optik Local Video On Demand and YouTube (see link below). Check it out and let me know what you think!

Long Finger Films
I regularly create short films under the name ‘Long Finger Films’ and enjoy entering local film competitions and festivals. I plan to make more educational comedies and to continue a few of my web series including ‘MAGIC CRAFT’, ‘Secret Desires’, and ‘Torture Jar’. Some of my films can be seen on my YouTube Channel or at the bottom of this page in the ‘Film Gallery’.

House of Heathens
I am part of the ‘House of Heathens’ film team and have worked as 1st Assistant Director and Production Manager on the 2015 TELUS STORYHIVE-funded ‘Straight to Video: the B-Movie Odyssey’ web series (currently available on TELUS Optik Video on Demand, Air Canada In-Flight Entertainment, and YouTube (see link below)). After the success of ‘The Last Videostore’ short in 2013, the House of Heathens team started working on a feature length film (also called ‘The Last Videostore’), which is currently on hold due to funding.

Local Festivals
Since 2011, I have regularly been submitting films to the annual, 4-episode Metro Shorts film festival. It is a live-adjudicated short film event hosted by the hilarious Mostly Water Theatre and produced by Metro. Each event includes a completely random mix of short films created by talented locals, so you never know what you’re going to see next. Definitely one of my favourite film festivals, so I was happy when I was awarded 1st place overall for the 2015/2016 season.

DEDfest is Western Canada’s premier Genre film festival and it’s nothing but good times with good people! They always have a great lineup of films and I was more than excited to have a few shorts screen at the festival.

I have also been lucky to have a few films featured during the 2013 and 2014 NextFest FilmFest. NextFest is a fantastic festival here in Edmonton that showcases emerging artists.

Film Gallery
‘MAGIC CRAFT’ – August 2016

‘Sweet Lies’ – September 2015

‘Fish Bowl’ – April 2015

‘Stick City Park’ was my first attempt at the art of stop motion film. I spent 24 hours creating this film in December 2014.

‘Torture Jar Episode 2’ is the second episode in a series that follows a gang of unlikely maniacs who take justice into their own hands using bizarre torture methods. I created this in November 2014. Warning: colourful language and content.

‘Secret Desires Episode 1’ is the first episode in a series that explores true inner thoughts in everyday situations. I created this in April 2013.

‘Shivering’ is an educational song focused on the science behind the body’s response to cold weather. I created this in February 2013.

Please visit my YouTube Channel for more videos: